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 Welcome to the home page of Brothers Peter and Terry Morris.

We are pencil portrait artists from the Australian State of Victoria.


We have been drawing ever since we can remember, but in the last four or five years have

further sharpened our skills with pencils. We are largely self taught, but have learned and are

still learning techniques from the myriad of pencil portrait artists on line, some of whom not

only display their works but also conduct on line tutorials. So our skills are constantly



We hope you enjoy your visit here and have a look at our art gallery and on line store.

All the art displayed there are our own original drawings, some of which have the photo they

were drawn from beside them.  We have displayed some of our drawings from the last few of

years in our gallery to give you an idea of the improvements in our talents, which benefits you,

our customers, because you can be assured of having the best possible quality go in to the

portraits we will draw for you.


We have set up our site to make it as easy as possible for you to commission original hand

drawn pencil portraits of your Children, Grandchildren, Parents, Grandparents, just you, you

and your partner/Wife or Husband, your pets, kids with pets, even memorials to family or pets

no longer with you, and memorial/testimonials such as graduation photos, Army, Navy, RAAF

grad, Police Grads, Ordinations, any special occasions, even farewell for your retiring boss.



We draw from your photos.


You can also have your house drawn, or your car or motorcycle. Take a look at our drawings

in our gallery, and decide for yourself if the quality of our artwork is what you are after.


We also offer some of our original artwork for sale in our on line store. Some

framed, some unframed and in various mediums; including:- airbrush paintings,

acrylic, pastel, colour pencil, and of course pencil.

Since October 12, 2011 we now have our art on display and sale in a new concept art and craft

shop in Geelong's main street. It is a franchise called incube8r, and  sells our art without commission,

we rent wall space at a small weekly rate. follow the link below to in.cube8r's official web site.

For local people wishing to have portraits drawn you can bring your photos here and collect your

completed portrait here and pay here as well, simple.

 Our shop in Geelong


To commission a portrait all you need to do is email us your favourite photo.

To find out how to do this and what our rates are,  just navigate to the rates & service page, place your order

or email us for further information.



We value our visitors and encourage you to sign our guestbook whilst you are here. Feel free to make

comments on our pencil art, either in our guestbook or in our art gallery.


Thank you for visiting our site.

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